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Buying pre-owned is an option that works well for a large percentage of drivers: new drivers, families, students, and basically anyone else who is trying to maximize their budget. In many cases, if you bought brand new with a budget on the smaller side, you may only be able to afford a sedan or otherwise compact model. However, buying pre-owned like a used Chevy Traverse allows you more space, more power, and more versatility at basically the same price point.

Pre-owned Chevy SUVs
There are so many pre-owned Chevy models to choose from. Chevy drivers become Chevy lovers for life because when someone’s driving needs change, they know they can easily trade in their current vehicle for something more suitable. The Chevy Equinox, Blazer, and Trax are just a few of our most popular pre-owned SUV models. We also sell SUVs of other brands. Our inventory is constantly being updated with the best pre-owned SUVs available.

What about CPO?
We also have a variety of certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles, including SUVs. These are Chevy models that have undergone full-scale inspections to ensure they are up to Chevy manufacturer standards. Between like-new quality and the extra warranties in place, you’ll forget it’s pre-owned if you buy one of our CPO models.
We can be your used Chevy SUV dealer in Omaha. Swing by Woodhouse Chevrolet as soon as you’re ready to pick out your new-to-you SUV. Once you view our online inventory, we are confident you’ll have a few favorites to test drive.

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