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New vehicle leasing is growing in popularity, and we can certainly see why: less responsibility, but more opportunity to drive a brand-new car. Our Woodhouse lease program allows you to get a brand new Chevy car for a low monthly payment, with a low level of commitment. But is leasing the right fit for you?
The best driver for a lease is a driver who:
● Wants freedom and flexibility
● Isn’t looking for their forever car
● Doesn’t drive high mileage
● Needs modern convenience or entertainment
● Is ready to improve their credit
● Is looking for brand new on a budget
● Keeps up with routine maintenance
How to Lease a Chevy Car
Leasing is a lot like financing, just shorter term with less responsibility. You’ll still need to do a credit check, provide income information, and go through the paperwork. However, when you’re approved for a lease, you sign a two-year contract to essentially rent the Chevy vehicle from us. Making your lease payments on time and in full every month can help raise your credit just like a car loan.
At the end of your contract, you can choose to keep your Chevy car and buy it from us, or you can move on to another. It’s like a long-term car rental, with option to buy at the end.
Our Chevy dealership near Des Moines can help you determine whether buying or leasing is the right path for you. When you’re in the area, search online using the keywords “Chevy dealer near me,” and we’ve got you covered.

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