GM Wins “Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer Award”

April 21st, 2021 by

GM dealership

Our GM dealership, Woodhouse Chevrolet, is dedicated to serving drivers in our area in four distinct ways: sales, financing, service & repairs, and vehicle trades. However, all of that would be for nothing if we didn’t stand for a parent brand (General Motors) that is built on reliability, loyalty, and genuine quality vehicles. This year, GM won a major award, cementing its status as a top-quality manufacturer.

The “Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer” Award

Recently, IHS Markit released the 25th Annual Automotive Loyalty Awards and named GM as a top manufacturer for loyalty. It’s the 6th consecutive year GM has won “Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer” by retaining 69% of our customers. We’re doing something right – GM owners just keep coming back!

Reasons to Love General Motors Vehicles:

  • They are built with GM engineering you can rely on
  • GM vehicles raise the stakes with new innovations every year
  • Our brand utilizes MOPAR parts and service for industry-leading quality
  • There is a vehicle for every kind of driver and budgets small to large

Reasons to Love General Motors Dealerships:

  • Our sales teams are trained to customize your experience
  • Our vehicle service center is fast and efficient
  • We offer specials and financing opportunities to fit your budget
  • Trades, leases, and purchases go smoothly thanks to our experienced professionals

To get your own Woodhouse Chevy General Motors brand car, you can start the process online, in person, or even by phone. We are happy to assist you in any way we can so that you have the kind of experience that makes you want to return to the GM brand again and again.

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