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Our Woodhouse service team is devoted to helping customers with the routine upkeep and needed repairs on their Chevy vehicles. Whether you’ve worked with us before or not, we want you to know that our trained and experienced technicians will treat your Chevy car like it’s their own.
Frequently Asked Woodhouse Service Questions:
Q: How often should I get an oil change?
A: It depends on the make and model of your vehicle, but we generally recommend 3-4 times per year or more if you’re driving long distances. Even if your particular car doesn’t get a lot of use, it will need to be started and driven regularly to stay in its best condition.
Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: Appointments are recommended to save both your time and ours. Just use the appointment scheduler on our website so you know the best time to bring your car by.
Q: Can you help me pick out new tires?
A: Yes! We have a tire finder tool on our website and our service technicians can also talk you through your options. You’ll get your choice of brand, speed rating, and tread type depending on the size of your wheels and the make/model of car.
Q: Do you have any tips for service budgets?
A: Always check online for service specials and make sure you to set aside an emergency fund, even if it’s minimal. Sometimes car repairs can be unexpected and costly, so you never want to be caught unaware by an expense that impacts your daily transportation.
Drivers in our area can Google “Chevrolet parts, Omaha, NE” to complete a parts request on our website and learn more about the service process with us today.

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